Hi Tech sex toys in today's world

Hi Tech sex toys in today’s world

Sex toys have existed for years.

Sey toys have been tweaked, reinvented, and reshaped in the second decade of the 2000s, Now, like any kind of product lines, a fresh invention has arrived. Here are a couple of of the greatest.

The Autoblow 2 is a hi tech instrument for men that are really really into self arousal, It Really Is a circular shaped apparatus with a sleeve.

It lets you participate in virtual reality sex with a hot babe that is animated. I guess it’ll do in a crunch, although it is not exactly the same as participating in the real thing.

Imtoy is a cylinder, or kind of dick shaped apparatus that’s equipped with 30 vibrational motions and a motor, It Really Is not incompatible with tablet PC or a smartphone. It is suppose to mimic the activity that’s happening in a porn movie. Does it actually work? I guess you must try it to know for sure.

The Duet vibrator is made for the female self-enjoyment queen that likes to be somewhat unobtrusive.

It can be taken in a little carrying case. They can be oval shaped and oblong, around the size of a computer flash drive. They could be charged via an USB port. The Duet can be said to be so silent you can use it in a library. How is that for an idea that is kinky?

The vibrator goes to the beat of the music that’s pumped through the apparatus. You will enjoy it although it is only rock and roll.

The Fi Fi watertight rechargeable vibrator is shaped like a three fingered bunny eared hand. The ears are three separate motors that work at different rates. It is rechargeable and waterproof.

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