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Pro Extender

The Pro Extender is a penis extender that’s been on the market for a few years now. This system is an exact clone of the Jes extender and as such, it received very similar scores and review points.

A Brief History

Pro Extender is one of the most well-known penis extenders on the market and is an exact clone of the Jes Extender but it doesn’t have as many accessories which affects it score and value.

What is the Pro Extender?

The Pro Extender comes with everything you need to get up and running for natural penis enlargement.  The package is discrete when delivered and shipping is about 10 days.  With solid workmanship, extra spare parts, high tension springs and the ability to get additional spare parts when needed makes this device complete and upgradable.

My Positive Experience

The first thing that I have to mention is that while it can increase the length of your penis it also increases its girth. It claims that three inches can be added on to the length and that two inches can be added on to the girth, and although you won’t reach the full benefits you should gain at least half of that. I only used it for a few months, and that’s what I generally saw after this period. It’s quite a remarkable device.

Medical professionals have created this device and they fully endorse it. The results that can be gained have been backed up by medical trials.

There are no side effects whatsoever, like most systems provided you follow the directions as instructed. It uses high quality materials but we could no confirm if they were medical grade. Prolonged use of the Pro Extender won’t present any negative effects and will allow you to grow your penis without worrying about any potential problems.


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