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Increase your sexual appetite with these Spanish Fly Mints. They are dual-sided, with one side delivering libido enhancing amino acids (including L-Arginine), and the other providing you with a delicious flavor. The Spanish Fly Mints are available in Cherry Berry, Chocolate, and Peppermint. Get a little wild tonight!

Please take note that this mint now comes in a different packaging.

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Spanish Fly Singapore

Spanish Fly

If your sex life is not going like before? Are you facing bed problems with your partner? If you are hunting some of the best ideas or new possibilities to jazz up your sex life. It is time to stop hunting as we are going to share a cure-all solution with you. It is called Spanish fly about which we are going to explore in a discreet manner.

Benefits Of This Product

The best five benefits have been cited below, which makes this product highly popular all across the world.

  • If you wish to bring a great change to your sex life, it is very beneficial. Behind manufacturing it, the motto is improving the sex life between couples.
  • Spanish fly is just like a boon for the girls/ladies who have lost love interest in sex. If one lost interest in sex, it becomes tough to bear her partner. Using this important product plays an important role to enhance the ration of interest in sex.
  • Do you wish to experience multiple orgasms? If yes! Then you must go for using this product as it plays a crucial role to experience multiple orgasms
  • This product is responsible for enhancing sensation during intercourse.
  • It also makes you feel an increased libido.

What Kind Of Ingredients Have Been Used

The experts taking all the essential things in the mind have prepared Spanish fly. Glycerine, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbet, Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Saccharin, Citric Acid and water are the name of the ingredients, which have been used in it.

This product is safe to take and does not lead towards any health issues. Safe chemicals are used in it to make you stay away from health issues. However, it is required to avoid in some cases, which have been mentioned below.

What To Keep In Mind

Since this product holds a strong aphrodisiac ingredient, this product is high in demand and being liked by a number of people to make their love life more exciting and blissful. But there are some points which one should keep in mind and avoid to use it if –

  • You are pregnant. It may lead to some health issues.
  • It is strictly prohibits if you are hypertensive patient or cardiovascular patient.
  • Apart from it, one should not use it to lure young girls. It has been manufactured only for using the legally married couples.

How To Use Spanish fly

It is very simple to use as you need to mix 5-7 drops with any drink you are going to take. You may also consume it with an alcoholic drink. Then it is time to get all set to prepare for the best sex of your life. If you take more dosage then the effect will be stronger.

So, what are you waiting for? You must add this product in your life to indulge in wonderful sex life.



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31 Reviews For This Product

  1. 02

    by Tigerwhip

    Contacted the seller and was told that the stock would only be there a week after so I waited. He contacted me again after a week or so and met up with him to collect the item. I got the Spanish Fly mint. Tried it out on my girl and the effect wasn’t strong enough.

    So i tried 2 pieces. And to my surprise, the effect was alot better than expected. I wasnt disappointed. Overall would recommend it.

    5 Star!

  2. by Clown

    i must say that USA spanish fly is really a tricky potion to use but when you succeed. The results are almost guaranteed as compared to the other products that i’ve tried. Others are 50/50 but is this 100% for me. My advice is just, follow the instructions and you wont go wrong.

    I will post an FR later but this is a short summary.

    It took a while before it reacted but she initiated and brought my hands over to her breast. And instructed my fingers to play with her nipples. She got really sensitive and we started humping.

    USA Spanish fly:

  3. by maybemaybemaybe

    i got from this supplier twice. i think they develop over the years and he patiently taught me how to use it. I got it twice and i can’t lie to say that i didnt feel skeptical about it. My previous purchase was around 11-06-2013.

    Lost his contact. So got the contact again, met up, I tried again last week and I didn’t mix with anything fanciful, I just followed the instructions closely and the effect was intense.

    Below are the two items I got from him.

    1) USA Spanish Fly

    Intense orgasm, Wet and Sensitive. Really easy to use. (works on everything) New technology and fast acting result. But strong color and taste so be careful. Always ask for consent before using.

    Thank you bro! it works!

  4. by ChairmanMao

    I managed to get the spanish fly from TS’s contact.

    I was having abit of marital issues. I noticed my wife was not as active in bed
    after childbirth, so i really wanted to spice things up abit.

    Anyways got the spanish fly yesterday afternoon and in the night i used
    it with my wife (with her permission), and i can say its truely a fantastic

    I noticed my wife was more horny than usual, usually it would be me that
    would initiate sex but this time she initiated it

    She was definately more wet than usual, and we both really had alot of fun
    in the bedroom, infact i thing it was probably one of the top sex encouters i
    have had with her.

    Also for those worried about side effects, i can confirm there is none as i
    have now already used it.

    Really recommended for bros who want to spice up their marriage/sex lifes,
    really top notch product with an honest and genuine seller

  5. by clown

    My First FR, I put alot of ice in her drink to make sure she drank everything. Didn’t want to waste my money. every drops counts =)

    She drank everything after dinner at 8pm, she received a urgent call from the office. nnb. she have to go back to work. and she drove off. i thought everything was down the drain.

    I was sitting at home watching the channel U show, and suddently i receive a video message. it was a video that she took in the office, she removed her panties from under her skirt and the clip ends there.

    I asked her what was it about, and she said it was a teaser of what’s to come.

    fucking shiok sia…

  6. by Melz

    Tried this some time ago with my wife,and i am still letting her have it on a monthly basis. The other trick to take note that isn’t mentioned here is,NEVER give it to her when she is having her period or when you know her period is coming,it just don’t work that well. This is the result of some trial and error.

    My wife used to be rather cold when it comes to “mating” time. After this dam drop,she tends to get wet easily and faster when aroused by me. Never screw her in her ass before and after our marriage ,but one fateful night after a few trial on the drops when she becomes really really wet,i then had the chance to have up her asshole. Something that really surprise me too.

    Maybe my skill is good,maybe she reaches an age that is easily wet. But i am sure the drops do play a good part in our bedtime together.

    Just sharing.

  7. by Trenz

    Tried both Spanish Fly and German sex drop before. Both has the same effect,but according to ingredients,german sex drop has practically no side effect.

    This is my after trial result few months ago:

    a. gf says i gave her the best orgasm compare to her other 2 ex bf.

    b. gf orgasm more than 4 times that night. The type that makes her shivers after sex.

    c. gf wants to make love more often(almost every

    Kindly note that my gf is 24 and i am 40,hehehe…lol. And i am also on Levitra. (if u know what that is) The drops dont make her lose her consciousness ,just a source to turn her on whenever she is with me.

  8. 02

    by Rice Cooker

    A big thank you to TS. I got USA spanish fly, Spanish fly Mint, Remote control vibrator and Delay Cream. 10 plus i contacted the supplier and paid him cab fair as i last minute need it urgently for a my wife’s anniversary. Supplier gave me discount and was nice enough to cab to toa payoh at this hour.

    The USA spanish fly was wonderful, but for my wife, the effect took 3 hours to show. At first i thought was immediately. Maybe because we had buffet before this. But the night was wild and i enjoyed myself. I was happy. My wife was happy.

    Spanish Fly mint was definitely a boost to our mood. It’s light and easy to use. Perfect for a date.

    Delay cream comes in a really nice packaging and when i rub on my hand it smells really nice. Works. But the star product is still the USA spanish fly.

    Remote control vibrator, supplier has only 1 kind and that was what he recommended. 1st the vibration is really damn strong. 2nd, it is wireless and no wire sticking out. Which is a big plus plus to those who have experience with high quality sex toys. Of course it’s waterproof. 3rd is the battery life. I am actually quite concern about this, and i was glad it supports AAA battery instead of watch battery. Im looking forward to order the penis extender. Supplier price is lowest in the market. Checked and confirmed.

    USA Spanish fly:

  9. by Crimsons

    After child birth, especially the 2nd born, my wife suddenly lost all interest in sex. Im not sure if it’s because she feels that 2 kids are enough or the fact that she has stopped getting horny. Which ever reason, I has a long talk with her before and we agreed that we will stop at 2. Condoms will always be on from now on. Sad but what to do. However, it doesn’t seem to have any improvements.

    I had a friend who introduce sammyboy to me and mentioned that he saw an enhancer that would help me with my situation, no risk, so I went to try it out. Not really costly unless u try every single product. But it was worth it, totally. If I can make her horny again, why not. So I got a few sets at a discounted rate and tried it.

    I requested the item to be delivered to me immediately and tried it straight away in the night. To cut the story short, it works wonders.

    The process – My elder kid had chalet and the new born was taken care for the week by my mother-in-law. I took this chance to share the time with my wife. Please take note. Previously I talked to my wife about this and she agreed to try. However I do not want to tell her that im using it now because i do not want it to be a placebo effect. And im very curious if this stuff would work. I tried USA Spanish fly first because I trust the country of it’s origin. I mix it with ice tea and the color cant be seen.

    She was on her bed but I can feel that she was very fidgety. She kept moving and couldn’t stay still. I was worried and ask her what happened. She then advanced towards me and started kissing my neck. I knew it was on. She is someone who loves being on top and the next thing I knew, she was kissing me wildly. I was so turned on by it. You have to understand that for almost a year, I felt that my wife has lost interest, and my mind has been wondering. If she fell for another guy at work? Was I bad on bed? Do I have bad breath? She stop loving me? All these questions was answered immediately. She still loves me. She was rubbing herself all over me and we even tied my hands to the bed frame for a short while just to pleasure me.

    Currently, after a few tries I don’t have to rely on it and she comes naturally. I guess the enhancer opened her to the idea to express herself. So far we did it almost everyday and I’m glad about everything that has happened.

    As for the best, mix German with anything. I find that it increases the effect. Cheers. Im going to try mixing and see which has the best effect possible. I will be sharing. Thanks TS for the contact.

  10. by Hulk_Hogan

    yesterday was our anniversary and i mix Spanish with Blue… Color is more visiable but the reaction was super fast… She got quite high and suggested swallowing my cum for first time

  11. by andyt1999

    TS thanks for the fly, it really helps alot! as a couple we are happier.

  12. by belgianseat

    First time writing an FR. Went to bonk an escort from SG dome and after a seccession, we had a little chat and we talked. I was mentioning that I was having problems with my wife as she has really low sex drive, and she intro Spanish fly and where to get it. Apparently it helps to promote sex drives in girls and makes damn really wet so that it’s really easy to get in, thus setting them into the mode.
    I messaged TS and got the number of the supplier. I got the promotion package, 2 bottles. And I added it into the drink – A lot of nice, very little water and half a bottle of Spanish. Waited for 15 mins for the effect to take place. In the end it took Half an hour for me.

    We were watching tv on the bed and then suddenly she push the blanket aside and ask me to bathe. I ask why, and she replied, “ don’t go bathe then you don’t regret.” I straight away chiong to the bathe room. 2 minute shower and I was out. Same as the time when I was in BMT. I came out and she was already naked in the bed. Stright away I know the Spanish fly was working.

    After 10 minutes of kissing, her whole panties was soaking wet. And it was dripping down her tights. I took off her panties and she ban down on her fours to suck my cock. At this moment I can see that her vagina was dripping and wetting the whole bed. Damn arousing.

    Im going to try again tonight… wish you guys luck too.

  13. by Hoegaarge

    Thanks TS for providing the contact. SMSed and replied almost immediately. Met him 1/2 an hour later and collected my mint, Spanish fly, cologne and tongkat Ali. Location was central so very convenient. He was much earlier than me so thumbs up for that.

    Tongkat Ali was a little cheaper than those sold in Walton and basically all the prices are reasonable.

    Spanish fly was wonderful too. Bought the bundle and took a shot with my gf. Actually all these products they say is for females but males can consume them too. It’s like energy booster for us.


  14. by konsortium

    met ts again today to get 3 sets of spanish fly. If you buy more you get more discounts. Products are good, i decided to take 3 spanish, 1 german sex drops, 1thickening cream, 1 delay cream. Will write my fr once i tried them out.

  15. by y.e.s

    tried the german sex drops on my girl, after heading good reviews about it.
    I mix with 1/3 glass of star fruit juice and stir. Within 15 mins after she consume she tells me she can feel the difference.
    It was after her menses period so it couldn’t be the menses that is making her feel horny.
    We spend a good night yet again =)

  16. by ornament1969

    first time getting from ts i paid the original price.
    After the 2nd time i go back to him, i got good discounts.
    I am really happy with the customer service ts gave me. Kudos!

  17. by afease123

    previously i tried german sex drops and after a while, my partner seems to have gotten use to the dosage. Now i change to usa spanish fly with blue wizard mix and the results were great! Really great! Love it!

  18. by bling_bling

    I found an excellent combination using prolifta and USA spanish fly at the same time. Met with two different suppliers and got them on the same day but i didnt expect to use them together. She is horny and im active enought to satify her really brightens our perspecitive on our relationship. I’m not a young guy and performance has been decreasing every year for me, what fustrates me more is the chemistry and love between us. Well relationship is great, but that doesnt mean i have the same attraction towards her anymore as compared to the first year we met. Feelings didnt change but my perspeciticve on being intimate with her change through time. She is just not as appealling as other girls to me anymore. A bro once said, no matter how pretty your wife is, you are bound to cheat or even yearn for other girls. Well that’s true. I visited some stables and im not proud of it as a married man. On my defence, maturbation has seem more attractive then fucking my wife, so i guess some stuff needs to be done. Some people tries to spice up their sex life with DBSM, role play etc. But it doesnt seem like my wife is into that kind of role play.

    Back to the story, i told her about it and she agreed to give it a chance. I always know that i have performance problem so i decided to give this prolifta a try. and im glad i did. Both suppliers spend quite a bit of time explaining to me the usage and i end up mixing my USA spanish fly with just plain water. It took only 5 minutes for me and almost the same time for her. Her body got warm and her below was moist, very moist, even before i touch her. Well i wont go into details but the whole sex thing but significiant effects and changes in her body was obvious and my perception of her changed. We did a little tie up and thats beucase i felt that i was available for a 2nd round. Usually just 1 time and i sleep.

    Good product! will be getting more soon! kudos to your biz. and thanks for this little boost =) i’m glad i came across sammyboy.

  19. by grapezjuice

    tried USA spanish fly last week and i was impressed with the results!

    I didnt expect much because i failed quite a few times before. Got everything from china and thailand but didnt work. thought of giving one last try and si bei swee. Works! I got another 4 bottles before flying off and supplier gave me a good deal. My whole trip was wonderful.

    Felt that the love between us sparkles yet again.

  20. by subidowa

    Ehh i think i need to update the use of such stuffs….

    I bought GSD from TS. Used two bottles out of three…. First time on a girl i met in butter factory. I asked her out for the second date…. First time using such stuff…. Didn’t manage to have any happening but did have some kissing and touching…. End of the day is i dunno is it the GSD is effective or she is interested in me..

    Second bottle i just used lately….. After chilling out at some place, pour in a bottle into her beer. She told me she only had 3 guys in her whole life and all serious relationship. She never fling or ons before. After drinking a bit, we went to a park where i parked. She immediately threw herself at me and we had sex…. But she did complain that she didn’t have sex for a long time. Its quite painful to enter but she is very very wet. She also dunno why as she is not really relax and enjoying (might be due to pain). End of the day i also dunno is it i am attractive or is it the GSD….

    Moral of the story: Good to use and effective but might do some doubt to urself as u dunno is it u or is it the GSD is good

  21. by Mr_Discreet

    My wife is now pregnant!!
    1 year of trying!

    I don’t know what caused this miracle but I’m going to thank everyone =)

  22. by Lor Mee

    Thanks TS yesterday for the meet up. Took another set of spanish fly of and i just want to say it works really well for me. Cheers! Love this product.

  23. by Equatorial

    Very happy with the USA Spanish Fly i got from TS. I rebooted my wife sex drive and im here to say thank you. Short FR for you =)

  24. by Loose_Change

    fast delivery and good quality products. i think the spanish fly usa is too strong for my girl to take as a shot. I diluted the 2nd bottle and we did twice, once in the night and another time early in the morning before. Kudos! will buy more during valentines day.

  25. by Army_Boy

    Got the german sex drops and blue wizard from supplier. simply POWER!

    the blue wizard got two versions, u can ask for the colorless one. but both also got taste. Tried both and my wife was horny as hell. not bad =) will RTF

  26. by AllureEscort

    the only reliable supplier. great product and excellent service.

    support support

  27. by Kebaya

    I think I owe this FR to TS.

    My gf has really low sex drive and almost everytime I feel that she does it for the sick of doing. She doesn’t get as high as my previous gf. She didn’t once have orgasm with me and I felt really lost in this relationship. I turned to sex toys but it didn’t work. She doesn’t like it and found it threatening. Perhaps she was intimidated by it.

    Previously she described that when she was with her first bf. she really squirted a lot. IM LIKE SO JEALOUS. And I want her to do that for me. But she just can’t. She said she no longer have the feel for it.

    There is a few sellers in the forum and I tried from all of them however I found that the source of this seller is more reliable, safe and effective.

    I’m surprised that this supplier has a shop but he doesn’t reveal to you unless u know him personally. He has a while range of adult toys and enhancement that you need. From sex pheromones to penis enhancement adult toys and arousal oil.

    I’m a first time customer and he gave me a bundle discount so I’m happy.

    The supplier was fast and efficient. I called him and half an hour later he was at my door step. He taught me how to use the product and show me the other range of stuff he has. He also mentioned that I will have better discounts the next time.

    I initially purchase a set of USA Spanish fly, numbing cream and some tongkat Ali supplements. But I added another set of sec pheromones perfume to give it a try.

    USA Spanish fly – the effect was really amazing. Her spots became very sensitive to touch and she gets really high easily. When I insert my dick in, she straight away scream, “omg I’m going to cum”. I insert into her for less than ten time and she pushed me away. I was shocked and she said the two best words I would ever wish. “I squirt”.

    I realize that the Spanish fly relexes the girl and she will be more willing to try new stuff and squirt.

    Kangaroo – it’s a supplement which makes u really hard and delays your erection. It was really awesome. The KEY to pleasuring your woman is a solid and hard penis. If your penis is soft. she doesn’t feel a thing.

    Numbing cream – apply 1-2 minutes depends on how numb u want it. Wash off or else your partner will be numb too.

    Other interesting stuff – Sex pheromone perfume, Vimax penis enlargement supplements, Pro Extender Penis enlargement device, Spanish fly Mints. You guys may want to check them out.

    Really glad that I found this supplier and everything was smooth. Supplier offers free repairs and replacement for his products. Reliable. And I finally got her to squirt which is the best thing in my life at the moment.

    Signing off

  28. by Esprit

    TS has a shop and his stuff are reliable. Or else why would so many people be referred here by friends/ few
    thousand views is okay but this has two million views, TS actually brought in alot of views from outside
    which indirectly helps with the viewship of sammyboy.

  29. by HangerMan

    Promised an FR for TS.
    Fast shipping. 2 days deal is done.
    Items perfect condition and doesnt look cheap.
    effect was what i have expected. strong but yet mild and hard to detect.
    will be getting more for this festive season.


  30. by cloisteredmingl

    FR as promised. sorry that i keep bugging you but i really want to try it out.
    Please take note that im a lesbian and this rating is from both of us

    Tried Mint, USA spanish fly, Blue wizard and Germany Drops.

    1) Mint (2 sweets for the effect to kick in)
    Time taken for the effect to kick in – 30 mins
    Overall Horniness 4/5

    2) USA spanish fly
    Time taken for the effect to kick in – 15mins
    Overall Horniness 4.5/5

    3) Blue wizard
    Time taken for the effect to kick in – 15mins
    Overall Horniness 4.5/5

    4)Germany Drops
    Time taken for the effect to kick in – 15mins
    Overall Horniness 4/5

  31. by lanternathletic

    Overdue FR that i promised. i donot really surf forums so pardon me bro. tried it two week ago and got a total of 4 bottles of SF and 2 tongkat ali from TS. 2 USA spanish fly, 1 Germany Drop and 1 Spanish fly mint. I feel that germany drops works as well as USA spanish even thou there is a price difference. but i do notice that USA one is faster reacting. Spanish fly mint is good for dates. My wife likes the taste of USA, sweet when drink as a shot. Our sex life quite constant these two week and i love it.

    thanks, lantern =)

    USA Spanish fly:

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